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TENDER ADVISORY offers a wide range of services related to public procurement in the Czech Republic.



is a service which monitors your market and provides regular and immediate notification regarding publication of new tenders relating to your business segment. The decision to submit the notified tender and whether or not to use our services is entirely your choice.



proposes an all-in-one service for the preparation of your offer. We evaluate the specifications of the tender for you, prepare a list of required documents and recommend the best procedure to arrange the offer. We obtain all documents from the public offices, provide drafts of affidavits and secure translations of the offer. Furthermore, we pursue any additional information or changes in the specifications. Your offer is completed with the assurance that it meets all conditions specified in the tender documents and under the legislation.



adds full support in preparing the offer with analysis of the average bid prices (or other evaluation criteria) in previous public contracts, with similar subjects, in relevant regions of the Czech Republic. With us, your offer will not only meet all the prerequisites, but will be balanced upon the evaluation criteria. This is your best chance to win the tender.




offers a consulting service for any issues encountered in public procurement in the Czech Republic. Starting with an analysis of tender documentation and specifications, and continuing through consultation on the various documents and phases of procurement procedures – our knowledge and experience are at your disposal. In parallel, other services related to legal, accounting, or tax needs, and establishment of Czech business corporations, branches, etc., can be provided.



means that our services do not stop once the tender is won. We will prepare the effective execution of the contract, arrange trade licenses, registration with the tax authorities and ensure compliance with labor law, etc. We also offer our services for non EU members or for business tenders beside the public procurement.


Price for selected services will be determined with regard to the complexity of each procurement procedure and scope of the tender requirements. Please contact us for our best offer perfectly suited to your needs.